4Shared MP3

4Shared MP3

Email is commonly the go to method for sending out information to other individuals over the Internet. However, email is not always the most reliable, especially when large files are concerned. A single MP3 audio file is not overly large, but if you send multiple files at the same time your email account is probably going to stop you, as most electronic mail message service have a limit on the size of attached files. This is where 4Shared comes in very handy.

Convert YouTube Clips for MP3 Players

4Shared allows you to upload information directly to an online network, then send or download data directly to a different computer. This saves you the time over uploading MP3 audio files to a portable USB device, then downloading the same files to a different computer. You do need to create your own account, but it is free to do and only takes a few moments to complete.

Registraion is pretty sraightforward. Simply visit the 4Shared MP3 website click "Sign Up." You are now required to fill out an assortment of information, including your email address, name and desired password. Submit the information, then open your email account and select the message sent from 4Shared MP3. This activates your account, allowing you to use the service.

4Shared Premium Service vs Free Service

You have 10 gigabytes worth of storage available to you via the free account. There are other features and more storage space with a premium account (you can add as much storage space as you need), but if you are only uploading MP3 audio files you should be fine to start off with the 1- gigs. Once you believe you need more space you can either delete some current files you no longer need, or opt for the premium service.

Log back onto your account, then click the "Upload" button. This loads a browser window onto the middle of your screen. Select the MP3 audio file you want to upload to the 4Shared network and click "OK." Depending on the size of the file it is going to take a few minutes to completely upload to the network. This also depends on how strong the Internet connection is. Repeat the upload process with all the other MP3 audio files you want to upload to the service.

Share your MP3 on All your Devices

Once complete you are then able to log onto the account on a different computer or device. Once you have logged onto your account you are able to see all the current files you have already uploaded. Once you find the file you want on the computer click the "Download" link next to it to download the file. Momentarily the file begins to download directly to your computer.

You are able to play the audio file on the computer's media player. Repeat this process with all or any other MP3 file you have uploaded onto 4Shared MP3. If you no longer need the file on the 4Shared MP3 account you can click on the file listing and select "Delete." Click "Yes" once asked if you are sure you want to delete the file and it is completely removed from your storage space, freeing up addition storage on your 4Shared online account.