Convert Genius MP3 Media Converter

Convert Genius MP3 Media Converter

So you've found the song you've always wanted to hear from your favorite movie or show, you download it and you are about to upload it on your MP3 or MP4, then all of a sudden an error occurs, the song you downloaded cannot be played. Frustrated, you erase the recently downloaded file and start your search back from scratch.

Has this scenario happened to you before? If so, you aren't alone, many music enthusiasts and techies have experienced this type of problem before.

MP3 Convert Genius to the Rescue!

Fortunately, a downloadable software is now available to serve as a solution for this common error in MP3s - the Convert Genius. This software is designed as a dynamic, solid and versatile media converter that can easily and efficiently convert files and videos in almost any popular format that the public uses in top quality and high-speeds.

It lets you enjoy all your videos and music on-the-go. There are multiple uses and advantages that the Convert Genius offers, which makes the software a must download for web surfers who constantly download media from the Internet.

One of the best things about the software is that it allows a free trial before you actually have to pay for it. Convert Genius can be downloaded on multiple websites that offer it for free with a set period of time usually less than 30 days, similar to antivirus software. Another benefit of the Convert Genius MP3 Media Converter is its ease of use. The software is both intelligent and user-friendly, which many newbie users will definitely get the hang of after a few tries.

Convert Genius 3.0 Serial, Keygen, Crack?

You will need to activate Convert Genius on their activation server. A licensed copy of Convert Genius includes a legit serial number, so no need to use keygens, warez, or cracks. These are usually backdoored with trojans and viruses anyway. There's really no way to hack the license key and get updates. Beware of sites which offer convert genius full download crcks or warez.

Speed without Compromising Sound Quality

Convert Genius is also designed with multiple threaded systems, which allow the user to convert diverse files at a given time and all the conversion systems are done conveniently and instantaneously without any lack in quality. It also enables multiple modifications that include output formats, audio codec, movie capacities and frame ranges.

As a media converter, Convert Genius has over 30 audio and video formats, which include MP3, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, VOB, DivX and WMA. The system also accommodates almost any device format including MP3s, PS3s, iPhone, iPod and Apple phones. Another benefit of the software is it can remove the file protection of the media file copy you wish to download.

Convert Genius can also detect the title of the output file as well as modify the settings of the video and audio codecs. It also enables batch conversion as well as recopying of media to local drives imported from a CD. Users are also allowed to set distinct splitting and zooming modes for the output document with the use of the powerful Convert Genius.

The software can also extract and modify the audio file and separate it from the video file. Furthermore, it also converts a single audio and video format into multiple formats.

Protect your Collection by Converting to MP3

Convert Genius is also equipped with batch media conversion supported feature that allows the multi-threading systems that allows multiple video conversions at one given time with just a few simple clicks. After which, all the wanted output formats can be applied in your MP3 instantly.

Convert Genius supports all compact and portable devices including the iPad and iPhone. Other devices it can support are Zune, PSP, Apple TV, Blackberry and Mobile 3GP. Users can enjoy their favorite media files on-the-go without any hassles whatsoever with this easy-to-use and state-of-the-art media converter.

Our conclusion? Convert Genius is the Best MP3 Converter!

We've tested hundreds of mp3 encoders and converters over the years, and none of them have performed as flawlessly as Convert Genius. There are never any glitches or pops in the output files, and it's very efficient too. We ran it on our modest P4 machine, and it performed better than any encoder we've used before. It's userfriendly interface is easy to navigate and find your way around. It's available for free download for the mac and pc. It includes a working serial number.

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