MP3 Downloads

MP3 Downloads

MP3 downloads are happening everywhere around the world. Almost everybody has or has access to an Mp3 player. If you happen to be a newbie, an mp3 is an audio file extension. What does the acronym MP3 stands for? It is simple MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3.

The Creation of MP3 Files

So you might be asking yourself when where Mp3's created. In the 90s the mp3 codec was released and used to compress raw wav files with nearly 10 to 1 compression.

For example have you ever heard of the names LimeWire, Bear share, or Napster? These are usually some of the top house hold names for finding some of the best Mp3 downloads available on the net. And the list of mp3 download sites is endless.

Just run a Google search on the term MP3's or MP3 Downloads and you will literally find thousands if not millions of hits on that keyword alone.

MP3 Downloads are Popular!

So next we will ask ourselves why MP3's have become so popular. Well simply because in the early days of low hard drive space, MP3's reduced the sizes of files down to a 10th of the normal size.

To create an Mp3 file is rather easy and requires no real amount work or effort out of you. You should be up and running your quality Mp3 download in no time at all after creating one.

While speaking of quality the lower the bit rate the lower the sound quality and the higher the bit rate is the higher the sound quality meaning one can go from having a generic sounding MP3 download below 128 bit rate or a professional sounding Mp3 download that is higher than 128 bit rate which most professional Mp3's are at 320 bit rate.

MP3 Downloads and Sites

if you are a lover a music like us you find the lower bit rate to be just as satisfying as the higher bit rate so just sit back, relax and pop one into your Mp3 player and enjoy a good days off from work. You deserve it!

Even though the name might sound complex the technology involved in order to work an MP3 is rather easy that I must say even a cave man can do it. But I must warn you though that MP3's are strictly for audio format, and cannot be used as if it's a photo file extension or video file extension.