MP3 Converters

MP3 Converters

Let's talk about my friend Mike and how he fits perfectly into the group of people that need an item like an mp3 converter. Mike is the kind of person that would thrive with an mp3 converter program. An mp3 converter allows him to take his entire CD collection with him.

Save Money with MP3 Converters

Mike's a reasonable man of modest means and he doesn't spend lavishly on an mp3 player, so he can only afford one that stores 4 gigs of music. The need for an mp3 converter becomes apparent. Mike's problem is he doesn't have enough room on his mp3 player to fit the thousand hits he might like to listen to throughout the course of his day.

The music that he listens to through his ipod has all been ripped from his massive 70's CD collection that he keeps safely at home but when he rips he finds that he needs an mp3 converter because the files are too big and are not the right format compatible with his mp3 player.

A Smaller Library Means More Albums

Ideally he'd like to have every single song to listen to because he never knows what might pop up in his daily routine that might entice to listen to a certain 70's song that would fit his day so perfectly. Suppose Mike had an mp3 converter program that allows him to "shrink" only the file size of his intended albums or songs but allow him to maintain the audio integrity so that none of the quality is affected negatively. An mp3 converter might sound phony or too futuristic.

Think again! An mp3 converter is exactly what Mike needs! In addition to helping massive quantities of music be stored on a small portable device such as an mp3 player, an mp3 converter can also help by shrinking audio files so that they don't take up tremendous amounts of volume on a desktop PC or laptop.

Protect your Collection by Converting to MP3

An mp3 converter is essential in certain instances. Suppose Mike wants to drive cross-country but wants to bring along his entire collection. An mp3 converter would serve him greatly because it would allow him maximum music capacity within a tiny space on his vintage ipod. If his original store bought CDs ever get damaged, he has mp3 backups.

A Good MP3 Converter is a Music Lover's Best Friend

Some mp3 players however are not compatible with this format and thus an mp3 converter would be essential in transforming the purchased music data into a portable format. An mp3 converter's a music lover's best friend. In our opinion, the best mp3 converter is convert genius. Read our review!